Fee Payments

Different Payment Methods
Check by Mail Make your check payable to "Rushforth Firm Ltd." and mail it to PO Box 371655, Las Vegas, NV 89137-1655.  If you send your check via UPS, FedEx, or another courier, send it to 1707 Village Center Circle, Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89134-0597.
Credit-Card Payments - In office or by phone We accept credit cards in the office or by telephone. To pay in our office, bring your credit card to our office at 1707 Village Center Circle, Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89134-0597. To pay by telephone, call the office at (725) 888-7878 and ask for Anne. There is no additional charge to you for paying by credit card. (In other words, we pay all bank service fees, not you.)  When you pay in the office or by phone, your credit-card information will not be retained by us after the payment is processed.
Online Payments To pay online using PayPal or a credit card, click here.
Bill Payments via E-mail (Not for retainer payments.) If your financial institution permits you to transfer funds to an e-mail address, have the payment sent to payment@rushforthfirm.com. Please include the file number from your billing invoice in the note you are permitted to attach.

NOTE: E-mail payments are only for amounts that are billed and presently due and should not be used for the payment of a retainer or any other amount that should be deposited into our law firm trust account.
Bank Wire Transfer To pay by bank wire transfer, contact Anne Stokes [admin@rushforth.net; (725) 888-7878] to request wiring instructions.
Fee Policies To download a memo explaining our fee and billing policies, click here.
Reducing Legal Fees for Estate Planning To download a memo explaining how to reduce the legal fees for estate-planning, click here.
Reducing Legal Fees Related to Probate Court Proceedings To download a memo explaining how to reduce the legal fees for probate and trust-administration cases that are under the supervision of the probate court, click here.

Online Fee Payments

Rushforth Firm Ltd. welcomes your online payment if you are willing to have the payment processed through PayPal.com. PayPal allows you to pay using a credit card, an online check, or from your PayPal account balance. There is no additional charge to you for paying online through PayPal. (In other words, we pay PayPal's service fees, not you.)  When you pay online, your credit-card information or bank account information is processed securely and privately using encrypted web pages, and we receive your payment without receiving your credit card or bank account information.

A PayPal account is not required for small payments, but for larger payments, PayPal will require that you establish a PayPal account. There is no charge to create a PayPal account, it is quick and easy to do, and using PayPal is the safest way to make online payments. If you want to use a credit card without using PayPal, you must pay in our office or by phone, as explained below.

To pay online, get your credit card or check book handy,
fill in your name and file number and then click on the PayPal button below.

Client Name (Required)
File Number (If known)
Payment Amount (Required)

The Rushforth Firm accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through PayPal

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