Remote Document Execution

Electronic Wills and Trusts
Nevada law permits remote notarization ("e-Notarization") and the remote signing of trusts and wills. We rarely recommend the remote signing of documents because of its complexity, the additional time involved, the untested nature of the pertinent laws, and the additional expenses triggered; however, it is an option to consider; however, we do not provide this service.
E-Notarization Nevada law permits the remote execution of documents requiring notarization, and we can arrange for that service.  The "e-Notarization" of documents cannot be done using traditional e-signature services such as DocuSign, RightSignature, or Adobe Sign. It requires two-way audio and video communication using a state-approved e-Notary service provider.  E-notarized documents will be recognized and can be recorded in Nevada; however, there is no guarantee that other states will recognize the notarization.
Electronic Wills and Trusts

Nevada law also permits the electronic signing of trusts and wills, and we can arrange for that service as well.

  • Audio-Video Connection: Nevada law requires that document executions be done over the Internet where all participants — including the signer, witnesses, and/or notary — be able to hear and see each other.  That means that each participant should have a computer that has a camera, microphone, and speakers.  A headset can provide the microphone and speakers.  Using a laptop is preferable to using a smartphone or a tablet.

  • State-Approved Service Provider:  Nevada law requires the use of a service provider that has been approved by the Nevada Secretary of State, and traditional video conferencing portals (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, StartMeeting, Bluejeans, etc.) cannot be used.  DocVerify is one state-approved service provider, but there are others.

  • Other States?   We simply do not know if a Will, trust, or other document signed electronically under Nevada law will be respected in other states.

  • Fees:  Additional fees will apply, including both legal fees and charges related to the state-approved service provider.

  • Applicable Nevada Law:  The Nevada law on the subject is found in NRS 133.300 et seq. et seq. (as to Wills) and in NRS 163.0005 (as to trusts).

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