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Online Conferencing Telephone Conference Call
  • Online meeting ID:

  • To join the online meeting using a web browser:  Point your web browser to

    • A pop-up window should appear for you to input your name and e-mail address.  This allows the moderator to know who is on the call (and who drops off).   The moderator can also mute and unmute callers and make any user a presenter so that the user can show something from his or her computer to all participants.

    • Your web browser will open up a page and will automatically download and run a small computer app.  If it does not download automatically, use the download link that is provided.  Once that software is run, a mini dashboard will appear at the top of your computer monitor, as shown here (without the yellow and green elements):

    • IMPORTANT: You will not be joined into the conference until you select an audio source. To do that, click on the phone handset icon (highlighted above with the yellow box) and choose between using your computer's speakers and microphone or calling in using your phone.

      • Phone:  If you choose to use your phone for the audio, a PIN is provided on the mini dashboard so that the sound will sync with the online conference.  (The PIN will be different from the one shown in the graphic above, but it will always begin and end with the # symbol.)

      • Computer:  If you choose to use your computer's microphone and speakers for the audio and there is more than one audio input or output on your computer, you will be prompted to choose the microphone and speaker to be used.

      • Webcam:  If you have a web camera connected, you can click on the camera icon (highlighted in green in the graphic above) to turn your web cam on and off.

    • To join the online meeting using a mobile app:  If you wish to participate by phone or tablet with video, use the Start Meeting mobile app for either Android or Apple iOS.  Select the "Online Meeting ID" option.  (The meeting ID is "Rushforth").

    • To join the online meeting by phone:  If you wish to participate by phone without video, call 702-791-9458.

Dial-in number (US):
(701) 791-9458

(No access code is needed for audio-only phone calls with the USA.)

International dial-in numbers:

(An access code will be required for international calls.)

Updated February 12, 2020
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