Announcement of Firm Transition
(Preliminary Draft)

The legal practice of
will transition on April 1, 2020 To the law firms of
Rushforth Firm Ltd.


Preliminary Announcement

A.              Transition of RLK to Two Law Firms

Rushforth Lee & Kiefer LLP (RLK) was officially initiated in June 1, 2017 as a limited-liability partnership involving attorneys Layne T. Rushforth, Kenny E. Lee, and Daniel P. Kiefer.[1], but that partnership will cease to practice law at the end of March of 2020.  Starting April 1, 2020, the partners will operate independently as two separate law firms, and RLK will be dissolved.

B.      Rushforth firm ltd.

After more than 40 years of practicing law, attorney Layne T. Rushforth (Layne) is reducing the scope of his law practice.  To that end, starting in April, Layne will practice law as the sole attorney of Rushforth Firm LTD. (RFL), and he will focus his limited practice as described below.  For the first three months of 2020, Layne will continue to work as part of RLK on existing matters and will work with clients to agree on what happens starting in April.  Layne plans to be in the office less, which means that there will be fewer office meetings and more telephone and video conferences.  Commencing January 1, 2020, the primary focus of Layne's practice will be on consulting with attorneys, family offices, and client advisors with respect to Nevada law relating to trusts and estates, as follows:

B.1 Nevada Estate Planning

Layne will work with clients to implement advanced estate-planning strategies used by high net-worth clients that involve one or more Nevada trusts and/or other Nevada entities.  Layne will also act as a consultant or co-counsel with other attorneys and will collaborate with other client advisors regarding the preparation of Nevada trusts, including Nevada Incomplete-Gift, Non-Grantor Trusts (NINGs) and Nevada Asset-Protection Trusts ("Self-Settled Spendthrift Trusts" or "SSSTs"). For most basic estate-planning work, clients will be referred to other attorneys or law firms.

B.2.  Trust-and-Estate Administration Consultant/Witness

Layne will also continue to be a Nevada trust-and-estate consultant for other law firms, family offices, and advisors with respect to the administration of trusts and estates governed by Nevada law.  As part of that, Layne will advise clients and their advisors regarding the modification of irrevocable trusts, such as by decanting, a nonjudicial settlement agreement, or a judicial reformation.  Layne will continue to serve as an expert consultant or witness in trust-and-estate disputes.  Starting in April of this year, if a matter that requires court confirmation, approval, or ratification, Layne will, with the client's permission, associate another attorney or firm of the client’s choosing as co-counsel for court filings and appearances.

B.3.  Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the latter half of 2020, Layne may be persuaded to act as a mediator or arbitrator in trust-and-estate disputes.

C.               Lee Kiefer & (Partner)

L&K is planning to add another partner and will change its name.  For now, we will call it Lee Kiefer & Partner (LKP) .  When the transition is final, as a general rule, RLK’s attorneys (excluding Layne) and staff will become employees of LKP.  For the most part, LKP will assume the legal practice of RLK and will continue to provide the legal services previously provided by RLK.  All existing cases in the probate court will remain with LKP.  LKP will focus its practice on trust-and-estate administration, including trust-administration and probate cases, as well as on trust-and-estate litigation.  Except as mentioned above for Layne's estate-planning clients, LKP will continue with the cases and clients that it has.  LKP will also accept new estate planning cases.

E.      Transition

The transition will include Layne’s transition to a reduced legal practice, the separation of the two firms, and the independent operation of the two firms. We will try to make the transition as seamless as possible for our clients, their advisors, and our friends.  Until further notice, RFL and LKP will continue to use the same office address.  Both firms will use the existing telephone numbers through March 31, 2020.  Starting in April, the phone number for RFL will be 725-888-7878, and its fax number will be 702-991-7887 (both of which numbers are currently active).  In April, there will be new e-mail addresses for all personnel, but the <name> e-mail addresses will continue to work for the foreseeable future.  Clients and others will be informed of changes.

E.1    Client Approval

All of our plans for the transition of our clients' files — except as to the reduced scope of Layne's practice — are subject to our clients' approval.

E.2    Transition of Layne's Practice

E.2.1.  Transition of Existing Client Files

During the first quarter of 2020, clients will be informed as to where we recommend that their files to go after RLK is dissolved.  Because Layne is limiting the scope of his practice, only a limited number of existing client files will remain with him.  Clients, potential clients, and their advisors will be provided suggestions as to one or more potential attorneys who can handle the cases that are not within the new, limited scope of Layne's law practice, but ultimately, each client affected will select a different attorney to represent him or her in Layne's place.

E.2.2. New Trust-and-Estate Cases

For new legal work involving trust-and-estate matters, Layne encourages potential clients and their advisors to contact him so that Layne can evaluate whether he or another attorney is the best one to handle that matter. If Layne is not the right fit, Layne can discuss with you other attorneys who may be better suited to provide the services that you need.[2]. Ultimately each client chooses his or her new attorney or firm.

F.                    Billing

We respectfully request the patience of our clients as to billing during 2020.

G.      Conclusion

LKP is a young firm that will have many years of growth, while RFL will serve as a gradual steppingstone to Layne's full retirement, which Layne expects to be several years down the road.  We appreciate working with you, and we hope that we can continue to do so with our two separate firms.

Updated December 30, 2019

[1] Legally speaking, the partners of RLK were the attorneys' two professional limited-liability companies (PLLCs), Rushforth Firm Ltd. (owned by Layne T. Rushforth) and Lee & Kiefer Legal PLLC (owned by Kennedy E. Lee and Daniel P. Kiefer).  On another note, Rushforth Firm Ltd. was originally named "The Rushforth Firm, Ltd.", but Layne has omitted "The" and the comma from the firm's name.  Accordingly, the abbreviation/acronym for the firm has changed from "TRF" to "RFL".

[2]  RFL and/or LKP may receive referral-related compensation from the firm(s) or attorney(s) recommended.