The current corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic and the governmental response thereto have created a less than ideal environment for engaging in business, as well as personal deprivation and uncertainty.  The situation changes daily and sometimes hourly.  We, like others, want to reduce the spread of the virus, and we are trying to comply with governmentally imposed restrictions.  To that end:
  • Our office is closed for in-office meetings until April 17, 2020 at the earliest; however, we are working remotely as best we can.

  • Until further notice, all meetings will be held as telephone or video conferences unless special arrangements are made.  Additional sanitizing protocols are in place for our office.  

  • We do not expect the protective pandemic protocols to have a permanent impact on our ability to do our work, but it will, in most cases, delay our responsiveness and the timing of our work for you.  More specifically, things that cannot be done remotely may have to be deferred.

  • Documents that need to be signed before a notary and/or witnesses may have to be signed out of the office, but we will facilitate that as best we can.

  • We request the patience of all involved during this period of “social distancing”.

Updated March 23, 2020
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