Legal Fees and Payments

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PayPal Online Payment

To make a quick online payment — whether paying a retainer deposit or an amount due — click hereOpens in new window or on the graphic below to open PayPal's secure payment site.  Fill in the amount that you want to pay and follow the instructions to enter the required information about you and the credit card you will be using.

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Payments by Mail

Check by Mail

The type of payment you are making will determine the payee named on the check.

  • Retainer Deposit.  For retainer payments, make your check payable to "Rushforth Firm Ltd. Trust Acct."

  • Bill Payment.  For amount-due payments, make your check payable to "Rushforth Firm Ltd."

  • Combined Payment.  If you want to pay the amount due and a retainer payment in a single check, make the check payable to the "Rushforth Firm Ltd. Trust Account".  We will see that the amount due is paid, and the balance will remain in our trust account.

Mail your check to:

Rushforth Firm Ltd.
5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320
Las Vegas, NV 89149-4584

(Mail sent without the suite number will be returned.)

Payments by Phone or in the Office

Other Credit-Card Payments

Retainer payments, amount-due payments, and combined payments can be made by calling the office or by sending a fax.

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  • In-Office Payment.  Because we do not always have someone in the office who can process credit-card payments, an appointment is required to make an in-person payment.

  • Phone or Fax.  Credit card payments that are accepted over the phone (702-255-4552), via fax (702-255-4677), or in the office are processed through Square.

  • Info Required.  Whether you call us or fax us your credit card information, we will need the name on the credit card, the credit-card number, the billing address, the CVV codeopens new tab, the e-mail address, and the telephone number associated with your credit-card account.

  • No Retention.  For your security, we do not retain credit-card information.  Once the payment is processed, that information will be destroyed.   If you wish to make a subsequent payment, the credit-card information will need to be provided again.

Payments through Zelle

Zelle Bill Payment

Please note the separate email addresses for retainer payments and amount-due payments.

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  • Generally.  If your bank, credit union, investment broker, or other financial institution allows you to send funds to an e-mail address, send your payment to the appropriate e-mail address below.  It is subject to your bank's (or Zelle's) daily transfer limit (often $2,500 to $3,500).

  • Amount-Due Payments.  To pay an amount that is currently due, direct your payment to, and the funds will go into our general account.

  • Retainer Payments; Combined Payments.  For retainer payments or combined payments, direct your payment to, and the funds will go into our trust account.  After the payment is received, will transfer any amount currently due to our general account and credit your account.

Payments by Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

To pay by bank wire transfer, contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (702-255-4552) to request wiring instructions.  The instructions will differ, depanding on what type of payment you are making.  Funds transferred will be applied first to wire-transfer fees that our bank charges for our receipt of the funds.

Payment Types

Types of Payments

  • Retainer Payment (Trust Account).  A retainer payment is a payment to our trust account that is held on deposit to be applied to legal fees and costs later, after they are earned.  Unless expressly stated otherwise in a written fee agreement, the funds belong to you until they are earned.

  • Amount-Due Payment (General Account).  An amount-due payment is a payment to our general account for amounts that have been billed and are currently due after applying any amount on deposit for you in the trust account.

  • Combined Payment (Trust Account).  A combined payment is a payment that includes both a retainer payment and an amount-due payments.  These payments should be sent to our trust account.  After the payment is received, will transfer the amount due to our general account and credit it against the amount due.

The Rushforth Firm accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through PayPal