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Rushforth Firm Ltd. (“RFL”) is a Nevada professional limited-liability company.  The firm's sole attorney is Layne T. Rushforth (“Layne”), who is a trust-and-estate attorney licensed in Nevada and Utah and a Fellow with the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).

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Winding Down the Law Practice

  • Working Toward Retirement.  After more than 40 years of practicing law, Layne is in the process of winding down his law practice.  As part of that, Layne no longer accepts cases as a client's lead attorney.  Until he fully retires, Layne may accept one-off, short-term engagements from other attorneys and advisors as a consultant or as a client's secondary counsel, but that will be the exception and not the rule.

  • Client File Transition.  Rushforth Firm Ltd. is in the process of transitioning most clients' files to the clients or to the attorneys of their choice.

    • This process began when we mailed an instruction form to the clients for whom we have addresses.*

    • As the instruction forms are returned, clients' files are retrieved from our off-site storage facility, those files are organized, and any original documents that we have are scanned.

    • After the documents are scanned and organized into a PDF file for each client, a USB drive is created, the documents are made available online via Citrix ShareFile, and/or original documents are mailed, as requested by the client.

    • The process of retrieving, scanning, organizing, and mailing original documents will continue well into 2022, and we invite your patience.  While processing original documents will take time, providing electronic copies of your documents to you and/or to your new attorney can be expedited by sending a request via email to or via fax to 702-255-4677 or by calling the office.

    *IMPORTANT:  If you are a client of Rushforth Firm Ltd. but did not get an instruction form in the mail (or have misplaced the one that was sent), click here to download an explanatory letter and the instruction form.

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